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The New Year brings an updated Google Classroom!

The new year brings a welcomed update to the Google Classroom interface.  Google has changed a few things that make a huge difference!  Watch the short video below for all changes:

A quick outline of the important changes:

Drag & Drop Assignments in a Topic (Classwork tab):

A seemingly small thing that has a huge impact on your time!  Easily controlling assignment placement within a topic is life changing.

Join Class Code Easily Accessible with the Display Icon (Stream page):

Just in time for the second semester (with a surprising number of new courses), the join class code is front and center!  One click makes it display size.

Updated look and feel:

Google's mantra is to make it clean and simple.  They have updated the font and style to make Classroom less visually cluttered.

In addition, Google added 78 new themes to help you easily personalize your Classroom.

From the Google Keyword Blog


Enjoy the updates!


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